Siemens, brings this product to the forefront of the competitive market as freestanding appliance that is of slim line structure. With the features that are impressive makes it one among the high end product of the brand. The following is the review that gives the complete details of the SF24T558GB Slimline Dishwasher.

Physical Characteristics:

The slim line technology is easy to accommodate in any style of homes and even the ones that are space conscious. With the dimension of 850 x 450 x 600mm as the height, width and the depth, Siemens SF24T558GB Slimline Dishwasher is made of stainless steel housing. Well, the interiors are also been made of stainless steel the one of the easiest option for maintenance. The class look can be experienced with its fascia control panel that consists of the buttons and the LCD display. This makes it look elegant and so are the interiors that is been well designed.

Siemens SF24T558GB Slimline Dishwasher

Place settings, Wash programmes and the Temperature:

Available in Siemens SF24T558GB Triple ‘A’ Rated Dishwasher are 9 place settings and the 4 washing programmes in the variable temperature controls. This makes it complete to handle all types of dishes and rather is suitable for any family size. The outstanding feature here is the rack matic which is the height adjustable upper basket that are been provided with the levers. It offers three steps increasing and by 2.5 cm., the plate size can vary between 21cm to 26 cm of diameter to be loaded in the upper basket. The lower basket the size of plates can be 25cm to 35cm. It also comes with the Vario flex baskets that have handles. The 2 foldable plate racks are present in the upper rack and 2 foldable plate racks are present in the lower basket. There is also an additional shelf rack that is present in the lower basket. Further, this stainless steel interior has special knife rack, cutlery basket and 5 spray levels with curved spray arms.

The programmes are well designed and all the 4 programmes comes with different time and with different energy and water consumption. Pre-rinse, quick wash, economy and auto are the different programmes that are available. The variable wash temperature are 45°C, 50°C, 55°C-65°C.


Eco option – Most of the models of Siemens features as 50% faster by default. This option is one such and is suitable for the busy households, yet the quality and the energy efficiency is ensured.

Sensors – There are quite a many sensors that intimates the perfect functioning of the appliance. The LED salt and the rinse aid indicators that will sensor the availability of the rinse aid inorder to provide sparkling finish to the dishes. When it is required to be refilled it intimates with the LED display. The automatic detergent aware, electronic regeneration of salt are the other sensors that are available.

Safety – The various safety features are Hydrosafe device is the one that guarantees and makes it 1005 leak proof as the sensor shuts down the machine immediately. Servo lock for effortless door closing, the child lock and the Tamperproof control panel are other features in this regard.

Power Consumption and Rating:

Siemens SF24T558GB Stainless Steel Dishwasher is a triple ‘A’ rated appliance with regard to the water, energy and wash efficiency. The average water consumption is 11 litres per cycle. The energy consumption is 0.80 KWh, which is again rated as grade ‘A’.


The guarantee period for 5 years is been offered by the manufacturer that gives an extra peace of mind for its customers.

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Siemens SF24T558GB Freestanding Dishwasher – Technical Specification Details

Manufacturer Siemens
Model Name SF24T558GB Slimline Dishwasher
Dishwasher type Freestanding
Form factor Slimline
Dimensions (H x W x D) 850 x 450 x 600mm
Colours/Finish available Stainless steel
Number of place settings 9
Number of wash programmes 4
Wash temperature 5 – 45°C, 50°C, 55°C-65°C
Self cleaning stainless steel micro-filter Yes
Programmes Pre-rinse, quick wash, economy and auto
Sensor Technology Hydro sensor, load sensor, detergent
Rinse Aid Dispenser Yes
Food Grinder or Disposal Yes
Water Softener Dispenser Yes
Adjustable Racks Yes
Baskets Yes
Heating element Stainless steel concealed
Anti-flood / anti-leak device Yes
Energy Efficiency rating A
Wash Performance rating A
Dry Performance rating A
Noise Level 47 dB
Water Consumption 11 litres / cycle
Display LED
Safety features Hydrosafe device
Servo lock for effortless door closing
Child lock
Tamperproof control panel
Guarantee 5 years