Miele is a German company that has been running successfully for years together. This family run business has been consistent in their quality and takes great pride in doing so. That is why consumers have always trusted the Miele products for their long standing performance. The G 4500 SC dishwasher is yet another example of their exemplary standard for quality and durability.

Familiar with dishwashers for more than 80 years, Miele has introduced the G 4500 SC Freestanding Dishwasher for effortless cleaning of utensils and crockery that was otherwise a very daunting task. There are many effective features that have been introduced in this model. A more detailed study on them will illustrate its functions.  This Dishwasher has very many special features that make it stand apart in a crowd.

Miele G 4500 SC Dishwasher

Energy efficiency, wash and drying performance: With the best use of the latest technology Miele has been able to get accreditation of A+ in the energy class.

Eco sensor plus: This is a very useful feature that has been introduced. With the help of the sensor, the appliance is able to recognise how soiled the dishes are by checking on the murkiness of the water using a light beam. After which it automatically decides on the best programme to execute.

Perfect Glass care: This is yet another electronically controlled function. With this feature the water is tested for hardness and appropriately controlled and corrected to give the perfect rinse to keep one’s crockery sparkling and new.

Water proof anti-leak system: The Miele G 4500 SC White colour dishwasher  has a thick double coated inlet hose and a solenoid valve. The double coat prevents the water to leak out as it has two sets of walls to pass through from. And in case such a mishap does take place the valve automatically stops the water from flowing out. So it makes it 100% water proof and leak proof giving all the peace of mind one can get.

Water consumption: This feature reiterates the A ratings for the wash and performance. It consumes 11 litres per programme.

Silent operator: This appliance is one of the quietest machines at work with a noise level of 46 decibels.

International place settings: Though the appliance is from Germany, great care has been taken to assure that it finds home worldwide. The appliance has a capacity to hold dishes according to the international place settings for 9 people having 12 crockery items each. So the size of the machine is fairly large and is adequate for a large family too.

Standard cutlery tray: The cutlery tray that is found on the top berth of the dish washer is innovatively designed so as to save space and assure of the most hygienic wash.

Miele Quality: Last but not the least is the Miele advantage that comes with all the products. Their company products are tried and tested for 20 years of non-stop functioning too. So there is actually no need for another added warranty for the appliances. This factor reiterates the durability of the product.

The additional features:

  • Child lock – There is a special switch in the recess of the handle which acts as a lock for the door. This lock prevents the door from accidentally opening by children.
  • Electronic rinse aid dosage – The appliance electronically controls the rinse aid dosage as per the cycle requirement. It can be stored in the memory after setting the quantity and the number of times making it all the more simple and easy for the user.
  • Automatic spray arm pressure control – This is yet another feature that is pre-equipped in the appliance that is able to control the water pressure for the washing performance.
  • Recirculation turbo thermic drying – The dishes are dried with the help of steam and recirculation of the same. Some of the china emits heat which is effectively used by the appliance too. This ensures that outside air does not come in contact with the washed dishes thus ensuring sterilized drying. This encourages anti bacterial action.

The design:

Miele G 4500 SC Grade ‘A’ Rated Dishwasher is a freestanding model giving more flexibility to the placement of the appliance. It is designed to match the slim line model as it shares a dimension of 845 millimetres in height, 448 in width and 600 in depth. This aids in saving more space and room. The appliance weighs about 42.23 kilograms. The front legs are adjustable to make it more sturdy and firm on the ground if need be. This model comes in brilliant white that is universally approved.

The programmes:

The programme duration in Miele G 4500 SC Slimline Dishwasher is of a maximum 172 minutes. The shortest programme which is the quick wash is about 38 minutes. From 40 degree Celsius to 75 degree Celsius is the temperature level that is used by the appliance. There is no need for a pre wash programme due to the presence of the eco sensor plus. For lightly soiled dishes there is a quick wash programme at a temperature of 40 degree and 50 degree Celsius. For the normal day to day loads the energy save programme can be used. With hot wash at 75 degree Celsius pots, pans and heavily soiled dishes can be squeaky clean in no time at all. With the help of the eco sensor the required programme can be chosen. The sensor wash gentle is ideal for glassware and temperature sensitive crockery. In this programme even stubborn stains like the lipstick marks will be washed away.

After purchase if the product is registered immediately then along with one year of warranty an additional year is guaranteed too. It can be concluded that the dish washer from Miele is definitely equipped with features that make it a very powerful performer and pleasing to use year on year – definitely “forever better”

Miele G 4500 SC Dishwasher – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Miele
Model Name G 4500 SC Dishwasher
Dishwasher type Freestanding
Weight 42.23 kilograms
Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 845 x 448 x 600 millimetres
Racking systems Flexible
Number of place settings 9
Colour White
Design Slim line
Temperature options 40 degree Celsius to 75 degree Celsius
Programmes Quick wash
Energy save wash
Wash at 50 degree Celsius
Wash at 75 degree Celsius
Sensor gentle wash
Energy Efficiency rating A+
Wash Performance rating A
Dry Performance rating A
Noise level 46db
Water consumption 11 litres per programme
Half load option No
Delay start No
Child lock Yes
Water proof anti leak system Yes
PC update Yes
Electronic rinse aid dosage Yes
Perfect glass care Yes
Eco sensor plus Yes
Soft close door No
Recirculation turbo thermic drying Yes
Guarantee 2 years