Indesit, the Italian company is a pride to the world. They have been consistent in innovation and have delivered its products with quality and durability. With their motivational phrase ‘we work, you play’ is what they aim to do and are been doing it for many years. The recent CEO comment says that the demand for the household appliance is likely to raise about 3% in 2010 and hence is the strive for the company to bring in more interesting products to satisfy their customers richly. Indesit DIS04 Built-in Dishwasher is one among the best products that wins the appreciation of many across the world. The closer look of the product is here.


It effortlessly blends with most of the household appliances thus adds personality and style to one’s interiors. The Indesit DIS 04 Fully integrated Dishwasher is ergonomically designed which controls making it easier to operate it. The appliance is provided with both hot and cold water supply. The dishwasher has an upper and a lower basket along with the cleverly designed cutlery tray. The upper basket is flexible as its height can be increased or decreased. This basket can be diagonally adjusted too, to fit in large or tall pieces of crockery. It takes its form in the dimension of 820mm of height, the width as 445 mm and the depth with 550mm of which the adjustable feet allows the height to be adjusted from 820mm to 900mm.

Indesit DIS04 Built-in Dishwasher

The display:

Indesit DIS04 Slimline Dishwasher  White Colour has a very user friendly selector buttons for the control and functioning of the machine. It is pretty simple and straightforward to use. Though there are no large LED displays or delayed start the appliance is equipped with
Programme sequence LED which displays the process that is functioning step by step according to the chosen programme. Water inlet and drain LED displays the inflow and outflow of the water supply during the operation. Refill indicator for rinse aid and salt indicates the levels of the rinse aid and the salts that are used for the washing functions and whether it is time to refill them.


Energy efficiency – With the help of the best practices the dish washer has been certified as A in both wash and drying performance. This directly helps the consumer to make the most use of it as one’s energy bills are far less. The running of the appliance is in its finest with the energy consumption is 1.01 kWh.

Low water consumption – With the intelligent use of technology the machine performs optimum washing with the minimum amount of water and time. This is especially highlighted in the Energy Saving Programme. It takes only 10 litres of water for a single programme.

Noise emission – This feature proves to be helpful especially since this dish washer is mainly for home consumption. So there is absolutely no unwarranted noise to disturb one’s peaceful home or mind and it rates to be 54 db.

Place Settings – The international place setting is 10 with this dishwasher. The lower rack holds the pans, lids, plates, and bowls. The cutlery basket is available and it should be positioned at the front of the lower rack. It also has collapsible sliding system which lets you arrange the cutlery in its best. The upper rack is suitable for the delicate and light weight items like the glasses, cups, saucers and small pans. The height of the upper rack can be adjusted by moving it higher or lower. It is advisable to adjust it when the rack is empty.


The total number of programmes offered is 4 types that are soak, eco, intensive and normal. The maximum running hours is 2 hours and 35 minutes in the Eco friendly wash. It works with the low energy consumption and is suitable for the pans and dishes. The intensive wash is for the extremely soiled dishes and pans while it is not advisable for the delicate items. It runs for about 2 hours and 25 minutes and these programmes based on the tolerance can go for plus or minus 10 minutes variance. The most commonly preferred is the normal programme suitable for the standard daily wash cycle which goes for 1 hour and 50 minutes. It also has a drying cycle. For the preliminary wash cycle the soak option can be chosen that applies only for 8 minutes.

Putting all these together it can be concluded that Indesit DIS04 White Colour Dishwasher is worth keeping in mind. It not only simplifies the task of dishwashing but is more compact and slim, is also high on the utility value.

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Indesit DIS04 10 Place Setting Dishwasher – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Indesit
Model Name DIS04 Dishwasher
Dishwasher type Integrated
Colour White
Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm 820 x 445 x 550 millimetres
Racking systems Flexible
Number of place settings 10
Adjustable feet From 820mm to 900mm
Design Slimline
Temperature options Yes
Programmes 4 programmes – Soak, Eco, Intensive and Normal
Energy Efficiency rating A
Wash Performance rating A
Dry Performance rating A
Noise level 54 db
Water consumption 10 litres per programme
Half load option No
Delay start No
Drying system Residual
Concealed heating element Yes
Salt refill indicator light Yes
Electronic rinse aid dosage Yes
Perfect glass care Yes
Eco programme Yes
Energy consumption 1.01 KWh